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silly me Apr. 25th, 2006 @ 01:58 am
Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like a bananna.

Template for Meeting Agendas, Rough Draft Oct. 4th, 2005 @ 09:10 pm

Meeting Agenda FormCollapse )

NEXT CAST/CREW MEETING: Sep. 7th, 2005 @ 07:32 pm
I'm thinking Sept. 18th. so that I may actually have some more cash to chip into the prop fund, and an updated copy of the script for Kelly and Andy. Ironically, I think our director and leading lady are still the only ones that haven't gotten a fresh copy of the properly formatted script.

I will try to have at least most of part one storyboarded roughly by then, and also some unusual ideas on how to get the necessary flatgoods to build K-9's body and head... wouldya believe, i'm considering cannibalizing old plastic coolers for the flat pieces? Think about it, you can pick those up at yard sales for about a buck a piece, and I've got one we can rip apart right away. Then, we just need to put together a frame out of 1"x1" wood. Since drilling holes in plastic is relatively painless, it should go together rather well, and still be light enough that if I can locate a large RC Tank or buggy, we can take the little nipper out for walkies.

Other schmutz to come.

The meeting will be at my place

Directions To Adam's Aug. 28th, 2005 @ 01:48 pm
I'm at the intersection of Indian School and 12th St.

Just get to Indian School Rd, then take 12th St South, then take the first left, Fairmount Ave.
I am in the first house (duplex) on the Right. Just park on the street and look for the Godzilla Tapestry.

Aug. 25th, 2005 @ 10:16 pm
Adam, I'll start calling either tomorrow night, or Saturday (probably the latter due to the work schedule thing).

If anyone needs to contact me, either respond here, or call my cell: 602-881-3035
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» Possible change in Dialogue, at least...
"The Canon Keeper's Guide to Doctor Who is the most comprehensive guide to Doctor Who "expanded universe" continuity on the Internet, and exclusively published on Outpost Gallifrey."

Might be a good idea for Matt and I to look over this resource before we call the script "finished"
This Sunday @ Andy's (Unless I hear otherwise)

- Read Through Part Three
- Pick a date, time and location for casting sessions
- Arrange a person to hold ont to and be in charge of Props

Also wan to discuss idea for a music video for the end of the production... ;-)

Grr Arrgh!

- Read-through of Part Three
- Going over the plans for the Police Box prop, estimating exactly what kind of lumber will be needed
- I need information on how to set up a fiberglassing mold for K-9, and an idea on the cost, to see if it's feasable to do it this way.
- We need to agree on a specific date/time/location to hold auditions for the following parts:
    ° Alora
    ° Skeeze
    ° Michele
    ° Samantha
    ° Kendra

I'll be posting general ideas for what physical types we want to roughly look for for each role. Auditions will be open to BOB cast members, but not exclusive.

Havin' a wee spot of bother getting in touch with Kelly, so for the moment, let's plan on having the meeting at my place

I'm at 12th St. and Indian School.

From Indian school, turn south on 12th st.
Go down 1 block to Fairmount and turn Left
I'm in the first duplex on the right, 1219-A
Please park on the street, as my Neighbor has 2 vehicles that use the driveway for parking.


» Meeting???
So, is the meeting still on at Andy & Kelly's??? Still at 5:00pm????
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